Sunday, April 17, 2011

Our *very* Humble Beginnings

My mom and I have great dreams of how our future studio will look... Hardwood floors, tables along the walls, shelves, cabinets and drawers galore, a work space for each of us... It'll be in the biggest room of my mom's four bedroom house. At the moment (and for probably at least the next 6 months or so) it's being occupied.

For the time being we're working out of her current office/guest room. Not ideal, but it works for now!

Notice the Home Depot box? Yeah... That's part of the backdrop in our pictures.

 All made up a no where to go. :) For now.
They all managed to fit up in these cabinets. It's the perfect place where little hands can't reach! Plus they won't get dusty.

Our supplies... ribbons, tape and cupcake boxes, oh my!

All covered up nicely...

Just waiting for their new homes!

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