Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Cyber Monday 2011 on Sweet Baby Sprinkles

First off, Happy Thanksgiving to all of our American fans! Hope you all eat lots of turkey and have fun with your loved ones. :)

Now, the details you've been waiting for!
Starting on Sunday, November 27, 2011 Sweet Baby Sprinkles is having a huge sale!

25% off your ENTIRE purchase PLUS FREE SHIPPING* to the US and Canada.

*Not including baskets.
All small baskets will have reduced shipping of just $5!
Our large basket will be just $10 to ship!

Use coupon code: CMS25
at checkout.

This sale will only run until 9pm PST on Monday and it can't be combined with any Heartsy vouchers.

Happy shopping!

Monday, November 14, 2011

The Holidays are Almost Here!

With Thanksgiving just around the corner (literally next week!) we're all about to be super busy! Shopping for Christmas presents, attending holiday parties, and spending time with family you may only see once a year. It's definitely no different for our family... BUT we also have all of our birthdays in the next 2 months!

December 15th - My husband's birthday
December 23rd - My oldest son's birthday
January 3rd - My (Tara's) birthday
January 12th - My middle son's birthday
January 19th - My youngest son's birthday

Yup... we're going to be busy! 

With all that being said, please place your orders with plenty of time to spare. :) The lines at the post office are already getting long and pretty soon mail delivery will be slowing down with all the extra gifts being mailed.
We will always try to keep our 1-3 day production time on all made to order items, but no promises this holiday season! Always check the shop announcement on our store front... We always keep it updated with the latest turn around time and other important info.

Now onto something much more exciting...

Here at Sweet Baby Sprinkles we're planning on having a Cyber Monday sale!
(Monday, November 28th)

We very rarely have big sales going on... So I promise, you'll like this one!
More details to come next week.
We'll be posting the info here in our blog and also on our facebook page. Like our page to get all the latest updates. :)

Our Studio: New Hardwood Floor and Furniture!

I meant to post about this awhile ago, but better late than never!

Early last month our studio got another make-over. It's still not how we want our finished studio to look like, but it has greatly improved! We ripped out the carpet, installed new flooring and added a few new pieces of furniture. Really the only thing missing now is 2 pieces of furniture that we plan to buy in the next few months.

Here's some pictures of our progress last month:

Here is the before...
Clearing everything out of the room.

 Putting in the new flooring!

 Floors installed and all the furniture being moved back in... 
Including our new bookshelves we bought at IKEA!

Organizing the bookshelves. I LOVE seeing my fabric on the shelves!

All done!
For now anyway...
We still plan to install shelves, get a new corner desk
and add another bookcase to the other side of the room.
For now we're both loving our new look!