Friday, September 2, 2011

Our Studio: A Work in Progress

Several months ago my family (me, hubby and our 3 boys) moved into my parents house and started renting from them. So far it's been mutually beneficial for all of us. One of my favorite parts about moving (beside the fact that we all have more room) is that I finally have my very own craft space/sewing studio! (Of course I do have to share it with my mom though...)

Here's what it looked like on move in day:

Yeah... Not much to look at.

This room used to be my little brother's room before he moved out. So please ignore the ugly blue carpet and the awful teal accent wall. ;)

Our studio pretty much stayed like this until last month when I just couldn't handle it any more! There was hardly any room to walk. Everything was every where and absolutely nothing was organized! If you know me at all, you'd know that I like to be organized... No, LOVE to be organized. Clutter and mess make me anxious and I just don't feel very inspired to create when everything is out of order.

So here's what we did last month:
Please keep in mind that nothing is finished and it's all still a work in progress, but I'm feeling SO much better about creating your gifts in this space now. Eventually we'll be adding hardwood floors and painting that wall back to white. We also plan to add shelves and a built in unit. Someday...

I now have cutting table space and both of my sewing machines set up. No need to move things around to make room any more!

 The rolling cart I found at Joann's for only $24! (60% off PLUS used a 20% off coupon!) Holds some ribbon, shipping labels, stamps, paper, envelopes, pens, scissors, tape and business cards.

 Think we have enough scissors?!

Basket making supplies and my mom's work station.

 Of course, I also had to organize my baskets full of fabric! This isn't even half of it... the rest is sitting in the large storage containers under the table. Someday I'll find time to use all of it up! :)

Our newest addition to our studio was made yesterday. 
Here's what you get when you have a step dad who's a carpenter:
He custom made us a ribbon rack! We use a LOT of ribbon here at SBS and we definitely needed one of these. I love it. Best part? He said that he's willing to make more! We'll be offering a few for sale in our shop some time in the next month or two for any of you crafty mamas out there who need one. :)

So there you go... Our studio. 
Still needs a lot of work, but I'm loving this set up a lot more than what I've had to work with in the past.If you follow any of my pins on pinterest you know that I have a ton of images pinned to my board called Craft Room Inspiration. Someday I hope to have a craft room that is Pinterest worthy. :)

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